Mad Handle

In the Meantime

Mad Handle banner featuring J Freed The Mad Handle banner shows a portrait of singer J Freed in action, and displays an animated message: “dynamic microphone blasts — now online.”
Mad Handle artwork featuring forty-five r-p-m vinyl record player The Mad Handle artwork is a classic forty-five r-p-m vinyl record labeled with “Mad Handle” branding and a song title that changes as each new song is played. The classic 3-legged center spindle adapter rotates right when the audio is playing, and rotates left when the audio is loading. Touching the center spindle while it is spinning pauses playback.
  1. Poem by J Freed
  2. Baby Steps
  3. Day I Lost Control
  4. NY Pigeon
  5. Rugged Ray
  6. Backfire
  7. Think
  8. She Says
  9. Dirty Rat
  10. Unconditional

Written and performed by Mad Handle:

Produced by Sosio (the milk man) at FTR Productions.

Artwork and code by Simon White.