Mad Handle

In the Meantime

Mad Handle Banner A portrait of singer J Freed in action with the animated message: “dynamic microphone blasts — now online.”
Mad Handle Artwork A classic forty-five r-p-m vinyl record with “Mad Handle” label that is reused as each new song is played. The classic 3-legged center spindle adapter rotates right when the audio is playing and left when the audio is loading. Record grooves move with the sound waves.
  1. Poem by J Freed
  2. Baby Steps
  3. Day I Lost Control
  4. NY Pigeon
  5. Rugged Ray
  6. Backfire
  7. Think
  8. She Says
  9. Dirty Rat
  10. Unconditional

Written and performed by Mad Handle:

Produced by Sosio (the milk man) at FTR Productions.

Artwork and code by Simon White.