Simon White


3D-modeled Photoshop painting for music album.

The Ununderstanding artwork is a gigantic elephant sculpture made of iron and rust that recedes gently into the fog.


The Ununderstanding artwork is a 3D-modeled Photoshop painting of a gigantic elephant made of iron and rust, fading off into the fog and the distance.


Ununderstanding supports all screens from iPhone to 4KTV.

Side-by-side portraits of Ununderstanding running on simulated iPhone, iPad, and 4KTV screens show the visual layout adapting to each different screen size so that Ununderstanding can be viewed by everyone, no matter what device they happen to be using.


Ununderstanding loads in only 1190 kilobytes 0.00 gigabytes — about 3.1 seconds over real-world 3G wireless.


Ununderstanding is internationally standardized for universal compatibility.


Validate HTML or CSS code.


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