Simon White


Photoshop painting, audio player, and animated full-stack website for sound design.

The Sintrument artwork anthropomorphizes the primitive digital growl of the music with a portrait of the bottom third of a proto-human skull. The subtle smile features fangs so large they call to mind the tusks of a boar, bracketing powerful incisors, finally tapering into a strong and obviously human chin, stripped of skin and muscle. The hint of a reflection below implies an introspective moment, the lighting low, the room filled with a soft atmosphere, the texture of oil paint, rough like plywood, hangs in the air. Sintrument listens along.


Sintrument is musique concrète: music written as recorded audio rather than being written in symbolic musical language.

A variety of sound design and audio synthesis techniques were employed, including painting sonograms with a digital pen and processing them into the sounds that would have generated those sonograms. Surely, the evilest method of producing sound that can be imagined.

The Sintrument artwork is a Photoshop painting that provides a visual identity for the audio content. Textures of oil paint, introspection, and evolution somehow describe the Sintrument experience with remarkable accuracy.

Sintrument is available as a digital music album in 24-bit Hi-Res Audio with unlimited streaming on Bandcamp.


Sintrument supports all screens from iPhone to 4KTV.

Side-by-side portraits of Sintrument running on simulated iPhone, iPad, and 4KTV screens show the visual layout adapting to each different screen size so that Sintrument can be viewed by everyone, no matter what device they happen to be using.


Sintrument loads in only 387 kilobytes 0.00 gigabytes — about 1 second over real-world 3G wireless.


Sintrument is internationally standardized for universal compatibility.


Validate HTML or CSS code.


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