Simon White

Every Ending Has Begun

3D-modeled Photoshop painting, audio player, and animated full-stack website for music album.

The artwork depicts a giant stone sculpture of infinity which is backed by another infinity and which also contains a smaller version of itself, with no beginning and no end.


The Every Ending Has Begun artwork is a gigantic 3D-modeled sculpture that has no beginning and no end, fading off into the distance, rendered in a range of sizes for screens up to 4KTV.

The music is produced with Ableton Live and Apogee samplers. Mixdown is direct to the Web server. Song mixes progress from initial prototype to broadcast-ready in public, replacing earlier versions as the album develops.

The interactive audio player features a 2.5D-animated button and a tappable audio waveform that seeks through the playback timeline. Loading the audio is optional so that each page can act as a reference for the digital music album and so that the audio player can function in the same way on every client system, including mobiles.

Multiple symbols are overlaid on top of each other and surrounded by layout guides that show the careful placement of the symbols.
Drawing symbols for the 2.5D animated audio player button

The typography and page layout was designed for modern screens using techniques from antique books.

The content can be syndicated using the JSON Feed protocol, or the entire of can be easily framed in another website.

Every Ending Has Begun is available as a digital music album in 24-bit Hi-Res Audio with unlimited streaming on Bandcamp. Buy at the introductory price now and get additional songs free later.


Every Ending Has Begun supports all screens from iPhone to 4KTV.

Side-by-side portraits of Every Ending Has Begun running on simulated iPhone, iPad, and 4KTV screens show the visual layout adapting to each different screen size so that Every Ending Has Begun can be viewed by everyone, no matter what device they happen to be using.


Every Ending Has Begun loads in only 499.4 kilobytes 0.00 gigabytes — about 1.3 seconds over real-world 3G wireless.


Every Ending Has Begun is internationally standardized for universal compatibility.


Validate HTML or CSS code.


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